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3-Step Cat Toilet Training System


Includes special white seat (fits all standard toilets), red amber & green training discs, step-by-step training DVD, full color instruction manual.


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Intermediate Training Discs
for Multiple Cats


Includes transitional discs to help more than one cat train simultaneously.


Please note: the MultiKatKit can only be used in conjunction with the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System (sold separately).


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Buy the LITTER KWITTER & MULTI-KAT-KIT together and save money.


- Save US$5.00 -



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Doogie Stuff Pty Ltd, the makers of the Litter Kwitter®, recommends toilet training cats that are at least three months of age. Cats with medical or mobility issues such as arthritis, and cats with urinary tract infections are not recommended for the Litter Kwitter® Cat Toilet Training System. If your cat has recently given birth, is currently pregnant or is in heat, it is recommended to postpone toilet training until ten weeks after these events.

If you or any member of your household is pregnant or nursing an infant, Doogie Stuff Pty Ltd recommends that you seek advice from your doctor before beginning to toilet train your cat.

Doogie Stuff Pty Ltd does not guarantee that all cats can be toilet trained. Doogie Stuff Pty Ltd is not responsible for any loss or damage associated with the use of the Litter Kwitter® Cat Toilet Training System.

We at Doogie Stuff Pty Ltd are committed to continuous improvement both in product and training. As we learn more we strive to incorporate these learnings into the product so that your experience will be better. As a result the Litter Kwitter you receive may differ from time to time from the pictures you see on this website or on the product packaging.



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