Below are various general questions & answers relating to buying the Litter Kwitter plus some contact details and links:

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Below are a few of most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about purchasing the Litter Kwitter. Our full FAQs can be found here.


Also, click here to download the latest LITTER KWITTER Newsletter. Covered in this issue are Multiple Cats, Enzymatic Cleaners, Multi-Cat Intermediate Discs, elongated toilets plus other tips & tricks you may find helpful.


Q. If I order today how long before I receive my Doogie's Litter Kwitter?

USA: 5-9 Working days
Australia: 3 working days
UK: up to 5 working days
Europe: up to 10 working days
Elsewhere: up to 10 working days
or contact us for "express international shipping" quotes


Q. I don't have a credit card. How can I place an order?

We use PayPal as our secure internet payment facility & Pay Pal have a number of payment solutions including, e-cheque and bank transfers.
Visit www.paypal.com for more information.

Q. Can I buy Doogie's Litter Kwitter from stores?

Yes. For a list of pet shops globally click here


Q. What are your terms & conditions?

Click here to read our privacy policy and terms of sale


Q. I have more than one cat. What should I do?

If you have more than 2 cats we recommend a second Litter Kwitter, log on to our forum or contact us for more information in managing multiple cat households. Alternatively you can purchase Doogie's MultiKatKit: an add-on kit for people with multiple cats. Click here for more details


Q. I have an old cat. Can they be trained?
Yes, as long as your cat is healthy and can make the leap from the floor to the toilet then there is no reason why not. Our oldest recruit is a 15 year old Persian! And we've had a 3-legged cat successfully trained so the message is: if you really want to, you can!


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